Search Engine Optimization

SEO and marketing strategy

Content marketing and SEO

SEO (search engine positioning) and content marketing are intimately linked. When a web page is optimized for the search engine, the purpose is to appear as high as possible in the ranking of Google and other search engines and, for this, along with technical and structural factors, the content of a page is decisive .

The Content Strategy: An Essential Effort

The content marketing strategy is the highest class in project management and, although it requires a large investment of time, it is essential to have it to achieve the company’s objectives through content. To examine the extent to which the objectives are being achieved, control and regular and constant monitoring are used. 


Brand positioning and definition of objectives

Before carrying out any other action, you have to define what commercial and marketing objectives are pursued with the content marketing strategy. These must be common to all departments of the company (marketing and company go hand in hand).


The Target Audience

Closely linked to the positioning of the brand and the objectives of content marketing is the definition of the target audience (or audience) that is intended to achieve with the strategy, not only in a general way based on sociodemographic data, but rather considering the user individual as a potential interlocutor .


Inventory and Content Audit

Before analyzing the content, it is necessary to proceed to inventory ( content inventory ) the one that already exists to obtain an overview of the state of the matter. Through an audit ( content audit ) the quality of the texts is tested.

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