30 tips from Matt Cutts Head of the Google Webspam team: #1

  1. No more than two pages per domain and per search result: In its fight to avoid webspam Google has introduced this limitation, although it can be broken by using subdomains and directories but no more than two results of the same level. Now if the domain is really relevant (we should see the concept of relevance) then Google will show more than two results per level. By the way this is called “host crowding”.
  2. Subdirectories better than subdomains. Matt Cutts prefers the use of subdomains since they allow an easy classification of the content. For my part I add that a directory does not need association dns since it obtains it from the main domain. A subdomain, on the other hand, may have a different association. Generally, the more pages indexed in a better domain for its positioning.
  3. The anchors are not shown in the search results: An anchor in a url is entered by means of the “#” symbol, this symbol is to center the page in a section of it. Google does not show anchors in its search results. Matt says it clearly: “I think right now Google standardizes urls by removing any fragments from the url”
  4. What matters more content or links ?: Natural Backlinking Matt Cutts advocates this concept, basically consists of getting people to link you by having interesting content, and not by buying or exchanging links. In my opinion, this can be done if the word or combination of keywords for which you want to position yourself do not have much competition, if they have a lot of competition, this may not be enough. I am positioning my personal page in this way, and before some combinations I am already among the first 3 results and in a very short period of time. Getting links back naturally will never bring risks, the other method besides being expensive can involve problems. We will talk about this kind of problems on another occasion.
  5. Update much gives more positioning ?: No. It matters more the quality of the content that you incorporate than the frequency with which you incorporate it. To update a lot and with quality would be the best option.