30 tips from Matt Cutts Head of the Google Webspam team: #3

  1. A large number of reciprocal links pose a problem. Yes, if they come from sites with unrelated content.
  2. More than one H1 header per page is good or bad: The answer is that you can have more than one H1 per page but with some moderation.
  3. If the page that links you and you pagerank disappears, also disappears the pagerank that provides you: Yes, disappears.
  4. Matter the order of the keywords in the url: Matt Cutts matter only use a few, not dozens or order. The important thing is that you have good content.
  5. Will SEO exist in 5 years? Yes. What happens is that Google aims to provide tools so that everyone can be SEO (said by Matt Cutts not by me).