30 tips from Matt Cutts Head of the Google Webspam team: #4

  1. Do the search results pages contain exactly the same results in any browser? Normally yes, but there have been cases in which there has been no coincidence. Remember a case between IE and Mozilla Firefox due to AJAX.
  2. Google believes the world will end in 2012. Well I think this is the stupidest question I’ve been to this man. Your response: “Google does not have an official position on this matter.”
  3. Does the loading time of the page influence the positioning ?. In principle, if the page takes 1 or 2 seconds to load, it does not influence the positioning. This answer was given by Matt Cutss in April 2009. You can check this with add-ons such as page speed or inside Google Webmaster, there you have a search history. If the site is slow to respond then the content may not be indexed properly. Too long will produce a negative user experience and that will make you lose traffic as well.
  4. Can you publish more than 100 pages at a time? If there is no problem, but it is better to publish them as they are produced than wait to publish them all at once, says Matt Cutts that a significant increase from one day to the next can attract Google’s attention on a specific site and see if the content is of quality in this case could have problems if it is discovered that the content is self-generated, of low quality or similar.
  5. How can I index new pages quickly? In this case is to get relevant sites link to these pages for example CNN. This way they will be indexed in a matter of seconds.