30 tips from Matt Cutts Head of the Google Webspam team: #5

  1. Link operator in Google versus the equivalent in Yahoo. Why are many more results issued on yahoo? The answer of Matt Cutts may surprise but says that they do not devote much resources to this topic as they prefer to enhance searches, but if you want to see all the links that point to you, rather than using the link operator, it is better to access Google Webmaster and see there the links that point to you.
  2. Tables or Divs for layout? Facing the positioning is irrelevant layout with tables or with Divs. While it seems to Matt Cutts that layout with tables is more … 1.0
  3. Excessive blank spaces in the html is bad? In the face of Google this issue is indifferent, there are people who put many blank lines to make it difficult to see the source code. End of the Matt Cutts extract. Personally I think that the sum of many small details gives the quality. A blank space is one more character, if we bother to compress stylesheets and javascript to optimize, I think that eliminating unnecessary targets is a good practice.
  4. What is your opinion about the optimization of an e-commerce website where the product pages do not have quality content. The answer is obviously that the most important thing is the quality and distinguish from the competition, it really does not get to answer the question.
  5. There is a difference between underscores and hyphens. Which is better “my_page” or “my_page”. If there is a difference. Matt Cutts advocates the scripts. In February 2009 the scripts are treated as separators but not the underscores, it is possible that this topic has changed or it may not, in any case using scripts you know positively that Google interprets them as separators. Personally I use scripts.