5 Tactics to Improve the SEO of Your Facebook Page

1. Name of the Optimized Business Page

When creating a business page on Facebook, using the keyword that defines your business in the name is an excellent idea.

Look at this example of searching for a florist on Facebook.

The first results are those of those businesses in which the keyword “floristry” is part of the name of the business page.

But if the name of your business does not have this characteristic, it is not a drama either.

There are many other things that can be done that will improve your visibility .

Of course, if you are creating your page at this time, it is important to think well the name and fundamental that the name you choose is identified with your business.

Once you have chosen the name of your page it is not advisable to modify it. 

2. Optimize the Information section of your Facebook Page

Often when we create a business page we fill in the main data, and what it is not mandatory to fill out, we leave it for another time in which we have more time.

The problem is that this moment never arrives.

And it can take months or years without the information of your business and the configuration of your page are complete.

The lack of information about your business damages the visibility of the page.

How much more relevant information about your company do you have in the information section, the better.

Within the general information area, do not forget to fill out the description and product sections.

All this information will give your page more visibility and it will be easier for your followers and potential customers to find it on Facebook.

At the time of entering the information and description of your company, use the main “keywords” of your business profusely, but be careful and avoid turning it into a repetitive and illegible paragraph.

3. Contact and location data.

If you have a business with a physical address it is essential that you fill in everything related to contact information, opening hours, address, map, etc.

With this you will make it much easier for Facebook to find your page when a user does a local search related to your business.

And if you have a restaurant, do not forget to include your menu!

4. Optimize with keywords the posts of your Facebook page

Use keywords in the posts you make on your Facebook page.

Most of the publications on your Facebook page should be linked, simultaneously, to the interests of your customers with respect to your business and the main products or services that your business offers.

Therefore, it should not be difficult to find a way for publications to be optimized with the relevant keywords , with special emphasis on the title of each publication.

When it comes to getting your posts to appear in search results, Facebook does not work much differently than Google does.

That the titles of your publications are optimized with the keywords is the way to reach more people.

This will make it much easier for you to be found when a user searches on Facebook for a product or service related to your business.

5. Put an informative cover image (or video) on your Facebook page.

Sometimes the most obvious is the most unattended.

We are kidnapped by other priorities and always lack of time, … but what little attention we often pay to that part that most users see when they reach a Facebook page!

The image that you use for the cover of your page must be attractive and at the same time informative and must convey clearly:

  • The name of your company, (or the brand in your case).
  • Its main purpose: what is your sector, what do you do, what do you sell, (unless your page is the Coca-Cola page, in this case you do not need to give explanations).
  • Include below a call to action appropriate for your business.

(The call to action is the button that is just below the cover image on the left of the page.) When you enter your page as an administrator by clicking on it, you can edit it, and modify the type of call to the page. action if necessary.)

Would it be a more suitable video for your customers and your type of business?

In addition to an image you now also have the option to choose a video for the cover of your business page on Facebook.

Videos can last between 20 and 90 seconds.

You can also make a shorter video and make it repeat a certain number of times, creating a “looping video” loop.

(You can see an example here ).

As with the rest of the videos on Facebook, the cover videos will be by default in mute mode , and the user will decide if he wants to listen to the sound or not.

These 5 ways to improve the visibility of your page on Facebook are essential, as well as being easy and quick to do, (with the exception of the cover that requires dealing with images or video).

Applying these SEO techniques together with the optimization of your business page will improve the visibility of your business on Facebook for your potential customers.