It is no secret that it seems that now everyone begins to worry about the generation of relevant content, … using the now popular phrase “content is king”. Currently there are many companies that, either through a blog, or through social networks, strive to generate content that may become interesting for the user. What most companies know, is that the fact of generating quality content helps:

Brand positioning (specialist image)
Opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition
Trusted generator
Increase or improve conversions
The novelty of content marketing a few years ago is the direct link with the best of the organic positioning (SEO) in Google and, therefore, now plays a very important role in the VISIBILITY of your project in the search engine.

Everyone knows that Google seeks user satisfaction, therefore, the better content you can find in the search engine the more satisfied you will be. Google indexes and positions very well the content generated through a blog , it is a fast but rather fleeting positioning, so you have to apply a strategy of constant generation of content based on the target you are interested in and the subject of the one that interests you to speak, trying to cover the maximum of semantic references related to your most relevant keywords.

There are companies that generate content on a regular basis, but they are not doing so taking into account the Seo possibilities that are so relevant that this action can have and, therefore, lose an enormous opportunity to gain visibility. To take advantage of the generation of quality content to improve the organic positioning (SEO) and, therefore, the visibility of my company, I must take into account the following:

Interests of my target: It is essential to think about the content that my target audience would be interested in knowing and writing about it.
Writing the title: It is essential to use the expression that we understand that the user can use directly in his search. We know that every time the user uses more words, it is essential to use: questions, words like “guide”, “how”, …
Post size: It should be short, well distributed by different paragraphs and as concise as possible.
Images: It is good to illustrate the entry with a descriptive image that is also correctly labeled, in this way the possibilities of positioning the image increase.
Author: It is necessary to link the entry to an author, with profile in Google +, that way it will appear in the search results the photo of the author making more attractive the entry in the search engine, generating more clicks.

Currently, an important part of the SEO strategy of a company is to work on the contents through a blog. In this way, indirect positioning is achieved, which is related to themes and key words secondary to the main activity. The hook content is worked to attract the target and on the other hand, thanks to the evaluation of the contents by the user, the web will gain in relevance, which will impact on better overall positioning.