How to create a SEO-oriented content strategy

Nowadays it seems mandatory to have a content strategy , both for the level of updates to our website, as well as for increasing its size, and for all the semantics provided, which multiplies our chances of obtaining more search results.

Certainly when talking to many small companies and websites that have implemented a blog as an initial step to be able to dump content one is surprised to see that their strategy is simply to create content randomly , depending on the topic they want, just for having social media games and for launching an update on the blog.

Under my point of view one has to have two premises when creating a content strategy if you want to feel some kind of results:

– Provide valuable, resolutive and differential information to visitors in the different steps of our sales funnel.

– Provide volume and good metrics to our website through the blog.

They are two objectives that can / should be complementary, make good SEO-oriented post and that fit with some point of the sales process, especially discovery, consideration and comparison.

So for today we’re just going to ask for a post with a minimum orientation to drag as much traffic as possible. Are we going for it?

We are going to discover a massive way to capture terms that we can write about and that already offer a demand for searches that we can detect.

The factors to make the post that we are going to create position well are much more, similar to those that influence those who need to position the rest of the web, such as domain authority, incoming links, visits, seniority, etc. . but if we discover a content gap in which there is not much competition we can opt for good results, always belonging to the long tail , that is, to the sum of many small terms that give little traffic, but that together and seen as a strategy in the medium / long term you are already becoming something important.

Let’s assume that we have to create a content strategy for a cosmetic surgery clinic with different aesthetic services, and we want to create an impact result with our blog.

We will make a list of terms of interest, from the most generic to the most technical, to try to detect trends. Business definition, services, quality seals, etc.

We will pass the terms that we have for tools that will give us suggestions of real search terms , in this case we suggest Ubbersuggest

We chose the word “operation” a very powerful word, enough to have related terms that are also so, so we see:

The search for “operation of” has given us up to 240 search suggestions that may interest us. We can use this tool of suggestions with as many terms as we want.

What do we do with all these terms? Let’s see which ones have more searches, and to select depending on it, for this we are going to read them in a copy-paste.

Select “Select all Keywords” which will offer all the terms in a plain text that we will take.

And we are going to take it to another tool to analyze the volume of searches, we cut all the terms to paste them later.

We take it to Google’s keyword planner , which is the site where we will always measure the importance of keywords based on their monthly volume of searches , in any part of this process:

Entertainment we have 3 services that we have already detected that are very interesting within the world of operations, and that we offer, so we are going to solve the problems for users of these searches:

This list can be exported to excel .

We can choose the theme of “varicose veins”, and we will see how we can help our potential public concerned about varicose veins, trying to create content that can opt for their potential searches.

Once seen we can go to Google Suggest and related, where we will combine words that may belong to the consideration phase , in which the user expands information and identifies with the need to solve the problem, these searches can be such as “advice “,” Recommendations “,” how to do … “, etc.

We can do an intensive search of the various services that identify us several possibilities of articles, and match them with our publication calendar , combining them with other post of necessity, more corporate, informative, and that come from other sources of creation of more creative content.

Remember to always have some SEO considerations in your content strategy , or combine a minimum of items programmed from this point of view, and then analyze the impact they have had on other types of articles.

We not only look for articles of traffic, but rather articles that convert, but the experience will surely give you a formula in which to make a TOP content strategy.