How to improve my local SEO positioning

Whether you have a local business or a chain of stores nationwide, you need web solutions.Implementing a local SEO positioning strategy is key to attracting customers to your brand. And it is that optimizing your web in this aspect is of vital importance to increase the visibility of the same in the local search results that your potential clients realize . Did you know that 73% of the visits made on the internet are local? That’s why today we’re going to show you how to implement your local SEO positioning strategy and what tools you should use for it:

On-page signals

The first of the web solutions for search engines to find you and know your location is to enter your company’s data in a visible area of ​​the page or in a section especially for it. This must be done through the crawlable HTML text of your website.

But also, as you’ll know how to include content on a regular basis is essential to climb positions in the search engines. Create a blog where you can post interesting information and news about the sector, promote local meetings, conferences or seminars, are very interesting options to publicize your brand and be indexed by search engines locally.

Be on social networks at the local level

One of the most effective web solutions is to create a profile in Google My Business . If you have several establishments in different cities, create one for each of them. In this way customers can find you through this tool when looking for a business related to your sector in your city. With the advantage that users can also give their opinions and vote for your company, which will help you gain reputation, which can be seen by the rest of people who do a search on this social network.

In addition, you should keep in mind that if you have several branches, your employees have been able to create duplicate ads without knowing it. This may end up playing against you, since Google penalizes duplicate content. To avoid this, one of the web solutions that we propose is to use the Google Mapmaker tool 

Get links and quotes from your business

Both the incoming links and the comments that users make of your website are important for your SEO local off-page . To improve your positioning, include your data in the main search engines such as Google Plus Local, Bing, Trip Advisor or Yahoo, and in directories of companies in the network such as Expansió where thousands of businesses from all over Spain appear, classified by sector or Yellow Pages , a reference in the online world.

In addition, another of the web solutions would be to get links from local sources. For this you can for example contact companies or associations in your city that are complementary in your sector or participate in local events. The idea is to let you know and keep gaining links on their websites little by little. And remember that for search engines weigh more a link on a page with a good pagerank to have many links on pages worse positioned.

As you can see, improving your local SEO positioning is not so complicated. With these web solutions you just have to follow these steps and try to have presence in as many websites as possible. Of course, always bear in mind the reputation of the page to avoid being penalized by Google and get progressively increase your visibility locally and reach your potential customers.