How to improve the positioning of your website in 5 minutes

SEO techniques in 5 minutes:

The following techniques can be launched in about 5 minutes, the idea is not to spend that time and forget, but start if you see that you can position a website in a short time, gives encouragement to continue, what?

Some will be added every few days, so I suggest you subscribe by signing up for the free course and you will receive the updates, or visit this page every few days until the 5 full techniques are available.

1- Improvement of SEO titles

First, avoid Keyword Stuffing, that is, repeat the keywords and their variations over and over again. Only with this change I have passed a website from position 114 to 34, because to Google that sounds like spam and directly down your rankings:

Second, look for keywords by which you appear nearby, and add those phrases to the content or in some title:

2- Improve the loading of your website

(Video pending for Wednesday)

Advance: You can check the time it takes your web to load in If it takes more than 4 seconds you should make an improvement yes or yes. The usual thing is that the main problem is A / the hosting, B / the plugins, C / the theme


If you use a very cheap hosting, the best solution is to move to a serious one, which should not be too expensive, although it will always depend on your needs, the type of website, the number of visitors you have, etc.

This is not a change that can usually be done in 5 minutes, but I know two hosting companies that will be responsible for migrating your website, so I can say that it will take 5 minutes, at least to request it. The two companies I recommend are the first two of the article Hosting Comparison

The Theme and the plugins

There is a false myth that says “more than 10 plugins can not”, but in fact it depends on the quality of the plugins and the theme you use (or if you do not use WordPress, the equivalent in the system that your website has)

Use the P3 profiler plugin to find out if you have one that slows down the load, and if one stands out, consider if you really need the functionality. There is no correct answer, it depends on each case and if you value more the function that offers, or the loading time.

In the case of the Theme the problem is bigger because if your web / blog is very personalized, a change of theme is not 5 minutes, but if it is simple or is newly made, it will be an option to consider. In the WordPress Resources section you have a recommendation of themes that stand out for their quality.

3 and 4 – Technique only for subscribers

5- SEO tool to correct minor errors

NOTE: Instead of WooRank I also recommend using MetricSpot , which is just as good but Spanish, free and also in the premium zone they offer guides to do web audits and templates for reports

The priority is that search engines index you correctly and know what you want . To get it in a short time, you need a tool that makes a report as complete as possible without complications:

Today’s tool is WooRank.

When you get to your home page, you receive a text entry box where you can enter the address of our website, and a “analyze” button. No records, no complicated settings. After a minute of analysis we will obtain a complete and well structured report with the errors and strengths in the SEO of our website.

At the end, it will show a pie chart with the score over 100 , along with a bar chart with the indicators well, to improve, and urgent. The important thing is that in second position we will have a list of 5 priorities.

Done, we just have to choose one of the 5 SEO priorities from the list and do something to improve it. In my case, it indicates as priorities:

  • Enter more content
  • Add more backlinks to your website
  • Expand your domain registration
  • Promote your website in social media
  • Add a Favicon

What is not very bad being that the blog has literally four days and I do not even consider that it is finished.

As a note, I suggest you do not do a test with the competition’s blog, but with yours, because later it only lets us register if we want more reports. In the free plan we can have only one website and one report per week, which is already a lot to be free. Although it always remains to empty cookies, use two emails, etc. Although if we really need to work on several projects with a powerful tool, in the end it’s time to go through the box, and it’s really worth it when you want to do things well done.
And to you, what are your priorities? Are you disappointed with the results or do you have 100% SEO?