If You Run A Small Business, This You Should Know About Seo

Under the methodology of Lean Startup or agile entrepreneurship, a conscious effort is made to amortize the risks and reduce the waste of resources by launching a possible idea with the current possibilities. As is to be expected, every small business seo owner is interested in having more information about their potential clients, their wishes and needs before embarking on the adventure of launching a great product.

In order to reach customers in this digital world, first the entrepreneur must pave the path that allows them to reach him, and that is done with a strategy that allows those seeking information related to the brand to easily find the site. our business. We refer to the design of a SEO positioning strategy .

The acronym SEO means Search Engine Optimization which is translated as search engine optimization, and is defined as a set of techniques that are used intentionally to favor the position of business websites that grant search engine algorithms such as Google or Bing. Given that almost all people who come to a website do so through search engines, it is important to understand how these algorithms work and what strategies can (and should) be implemented to get the most out of them.

The ghost inside the machine: understanding the algorithms of the search engines

The exact way in which search engines qualify the pages can vary and is surrounded by mystery . The artificial intelligence of the search sites qualifies or “ranks” the pages based on the number of links that direct it to it, the keywords that are in the content it offers and the quality of the material disseminated. Through complex exchanges, the page is rewarded with a better score if the content is of quality and people seem to find what they are looking for, and penalized if it offers misleading information or junk content. Regardless of the type of product, idea or services offered by a small company, there is always a genuine desire to offer added value to the client and position themselves in the competition.. To accompany you to take on the challenge of facing other pages with greater traffic or larger companies, we bring some strategies that come from the proven experience of different techniques implemented to give favorable information to the search engines.

SEO positioning strategies: Importance of choosing the right provider

SEO positioning strategies necessarily involve an application of complex techniques to favor the website that must be implemented from the creation of the message. Therefore, SEO strategies must necessarily be connected to a greater strategy of content marketing , designing material of great value for the brand and consider the results you want to generate in the short, medium or long term.

Choosing a content marketing provider specializing in SEO is of vital importance, given that the vast majority of people come to companies via online, and it is estimated that 93% of web traffic is done thanks to the engines search The content marketing strategy is carried out with a long-term vision to measure the results of the techniques implemented up to 12 months after the release of the material. In accompaniment of the right provider, there are some proven techniques that will help your small business seo to rise in the results of the ranking and differentiate from similar suppliers.

1. Focus on your value proposition: one of the best ways to make genuine contact with users is to convey the value that your developing company has to offer its customers. A well-designed value proposition makes it very clear what can be expected from the brand and will make it easier for people to quickly find what they are looking for.

2. Design searches based on phrases and not on words: this recommendation has to do with understanding how the search process works organically. Instead of looking for keywords like: cat, keyboard, or screen, people are currently looking for the phrase they want to find: “my cat walked through my keyboard and turned the screen”. The search engine algorithm quickly identifies the content that offers information about it and the user validates the usefulness of the information with the way in which it interacts with the link.

3. Connect what is published on the internet with different types of events: making a combined campaign of offline events (conferences, contests, offers) with online publications will give more confidence to the audience and increase the connection with the brand. Bringing the attention of the press and generating input links with other sites will also favor the ranking.

4. Make alliances with prestigious sites: strategies such as guest posting, interviews and articles of interest linking to other prestigious sites will give credibility to your website and people will begin to relate your business with strength and reliability. Additionally, the traffic between both websites will give the artificial intelligence of the search engines information about the validity of your site and relate it to the reputation of these portals that already have a great positioning.

5. Build quality content (“white hat” strategies): As with all important processes, there is a right and wrong way to do things. In SEO strategies, the legal and correct way to apply techniques to favor the position of a web in the algorithms is called white hat or white hat , and illegal or deceptive strategies are called black hat or black hat . The white hat strategies speak of quality and transparency; have an easy to navigate website, with original content, with key phrases that are relevant, an accurate description of the website, and that in the end, the site is a reflection of what it says to show.

What NOT to do: “black hat” strategies

Imagine that using certain techniques of dubious reputation you could generate a good positioning in a very short time, tempting, right?

Many people are faced with this dilemma when they decide to start a SEO positioning strategy , however the black hat It is illegal and nothing recommended. Black hat strategies usually provide information that is only used by algorithms, but that are not of any use to the user: key phrases are hidden in the text to appear in the search results, there are invisible links and poor quality content and incoherent, “farms” are made of links with ghost web pages that redirect content to your own web, among others. It may be tempting at first but the use of black hat techniques is strongly discouraged. Eventually the algorithm will update and detect the error and not only penalize the site, but also risk marking it as Spam and losing all the effort that has been invested in launching the small business seo online.

SEO strategies based on transparency, quality and excellence can be slow to implement, but each step is taken with the certainty that you are laying the foundations for a successful digital entrepreneurship. Allow you to be accompanied by a team of experts who have the ability to convert your passion into a content worthy of the first places of internet search engines.