New SEO positioning strategies for 2019

SEO positioning is a search engine positioning, organic, that is constantly evolving and changing. Therefore, it is important that experts in the field know and can access and adapt to all the trends that revolve around them. SEO is a key element in marketing, since it has a really important role.

SEO adapts to times and changes. Therefore, every year there are different SEO trends, according to how users behave and advance. Therefore, let’s see what the new SEO trends are for this 2019 and how we can adapt our positioning strategy.

Tips to adapt your positioning strategy
Search engines are increasingly demanding and do not pass one. Therefore, it is really important to adapt your strategy so that you do not lose the positioning that you have gained over time.

The loading speed is one of the key aspects in this new year. It is a key factor, not only for organic positioning, but for the user experience. People do not wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load. Therefore, Google increasingly gives more importance to this facet, especially in the mobile version. It is important to give a boost to the loading speed.
The mobile version has become a priority. The trend is that users increasingly seek, buy and use their mobile devices much more than desktop computers and laptops. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that both your web design and your marketing strategy be mobile oriented. This is what is known as “mobile first”.
Voice searches. While it is true that years ago they spoke of the searches by voice as something distant, the truth is that they have come to stay. The rise of mobile phones has made this type of search a complete must in our strategy. Currently, users speak with their device and, therefore, express themselves differently than when they write. It is important to think about this when positioning a page.
Mentions While it is true that years ago, the pages that had more mentions were more important, now it is not necessary to be with links. This is because search engines can already see the mentions without incorporating the link. Therefore, Google takes into account the implicit links and mentions in social networks.
Data protection law . The web pages must be adapted to the new European data protection regulations. This came into force in 2018. Compliance with this law has affected SEO. This is because the page is obliged to provide the necessary legal information to users. Of course, this is beneficial for SEO because the search engines consider very relevant those sites that include and adapt to this new law.
Therefore, it is essential to adapt to these changes to achieve a correct SEO positioning.