Changes of strategies in Seo On Page 2019.
In Seo On Page, to summarize, it will be necessary to make important improvements so that visitors have a better user experience and really find what they are looking for.

The new web positioning strategies for 2019 will have to include the following


If you do not know AMP or it sounds like Chinese, I will tell you that it is a reduced version of our mobile website .

The loading speed will be rewarded succulently and your content will go up in results like foam.

The advantages of having AMP, are amazing. If you want to know more about Amp I leave this link .

-Contents of quality.

Whenever I perform a search related to SEO of a partner, I come to the same conclusion: all articles are similar .

Do not do the same as your competition, create quality content and 100% directed to the reader and what you really want.

Help yourself by including links to other websites to enrich your content proposal and do not be raucous by sharing links.

-Keywords Long Tail.

With the improvement of voice navigation on mobile devices, the Long Tail Keywords will have greater relevance and will show us friendlier results for our searches.

Thanks to Google Trends we can analyze the trend in searches for new keywords.

-Experience of user.
Improving the user experience is a challenge for any SEO consultant. Next year Google will penalize websites that have popups and excessive annoying advertising .

For a better user experience, you can use less invasive tools that will help the user not be suspicious of your website and end up closing it.

-Do not do SEO and enrich the search engines.
What do I mean by this? Well, do not notice that your intention is to position yourself quickly .

The intelligent algorithms of Google realize this, therefore, if you do not have to contribute something interesting to other users, better not do it.

Changes of strategies in Seo Off Page 2019.
The strategy of Seo Off Page, is all that has to do outside our website.

Google, will take as a determining factor, all those external actions that you carry out to improve the credibility of your brand.

I summarize some:

-Social networks.

Work on social networks sharing quality content with your community and get traffic through them. It will be a very important factor in 2019.

Honestly, it is a task that I have yet to do, because the RRSS is not my thing :-). But I always keep it in mind with my clients.

-Link Building.

Building unforced links will be decisive in the new seo positioning strategies for 2018.

A classic example of placing links easily, is to go to MOZ , open a profile and leave our link NOFOLLOW.

Sincerely I was doing tests with my webs and since I eliminated my links of MOZ, I have experienced improvements in the web positioning.

What I want to say, is that Google knows that you are doing SEO and will penalize you for it sooner or later.

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging is a very widespread practice to get links. If you abuse this technique you will be penalized.

It is best to use it from time to time and not putting keywords.

-Use PBN will penalize.
Many SEO bloggers and consultants have created a network of external PBN blogs with quality content and linked to their web pages to get more authority.

This practice will be penalized by the Search Engine, if you use these techniques, unless the blogs are not hosted on the same server and have the same IP.

Also sharing links with colleagues in the guild will be penalized in SEO positioning strategies for 2019.

Conclusion on the new seo positioning trends for 2019.

It was clear that we can not continue working by cheating the search engine, and that sooner or later we will be penalized for it.

My recommendations to improve the new seo positioning strategies for 2019 will be:

  • Be original in content (provide solutions to users).
  • Work well on social networks (thanks to this they will share our contents and we will achieve better results)
  • Getting links naturally will help you face the competition, be patient and see the results.
  • Improve the loading speed of your website with AMP and offer better experience to your users.