New trends in SEO strategies for 2019

SEO or search engine optimization strategies evolve to adapt to the new trends of users when searching on the Internet. Although there are those who announced his premature death, SEO is a key marketing element that plays an important role in organic positioning .

Do you want to know what are the changes that are taking place in SEO strategies? Voice searches and mentions without a link are two of the ones that are going strong. Keep reading and discover how to adapt your organic positioning strategy to new times .

Search engines are increasingly using more sophisticated algorithms that analyze web pages in detail . To win the battle of organic positioning is necessary to know what Google has in mind (and the rest of search engines) when deciding whether a website is relevant or not.

    The speed of loading the web is one of the workhorses of companies, a key factor not only for the organic positioning but also for the user experience .

This aspect, although it is not new, is one of the most relevant is gaining in what refers to SEO. Google gives more and more importance to the speed to decide which pages are more relevant, especially in mobile versions.

Any page that wants to awaken the interest of the robots should give priority to the optimization in terms of loading speed.


    Desktop computers and laptops are being relegated by robots, which give priority to mobile. Why? Because, as in the rest of the issues discussed here, they take into account the trend of users. And users browse, search and buy from their mobile devices more and more.

This implies that it is not only important to have a positioning strategy for desktop and another for mobile. Now send the “mobile first” for both the design and marketing strategy and for SEO .

    A few years ago we talked about voice searches as an emerging phenomenon that would become relevant in the digital marketing strategy . Since the mobile has taken over in searches, the use of the voice is almost essential.

Brands can no longer obviate voice searches in their organic positioning strategy . But the SEO strategy for this type of searches differs from conventional SEO. Users who “speak” with their device express themselves differently than when writing. The language used is more natural.

Therefore, in order to position oneself in voice searches, relevant answers to the questions of the users must be provided using expressions of the spoken language .

hand-2811686_12804. MENTIONS, WITH OR WITHOUT LINK
Another of the key elements of SEO are the links. For years, the fact that a page had numerous mentions in other sites was a factor of success for organic positioning.

Now, the fact of obtaining mentions even without a link (“linkless mentions”) begins to gain importance . This change is due, in part, to the fact that search engines use such sophisticated algorithms that they can detect mentions of a page even if they do not incorporate a link.

So, the marketing strategy in terms of positioning should emphasize getting them to talk about one even without linking to the web. In this sense, Google takes into consideration the implicit links or mentions especially in social networks .

The strategy in terms of natural positioning should emphasize getting them to talk about one even without linking to the web.

    The adaptation of the web pages to the new European regulation of data protection was the focus of attention since its entry into force in May 2018.

The European data protection law has been one of the main concerns of companies (and it should be for those that have not been updated). Its compliance has affected SEO. The reason is the obligation to provide due legal information to users . This has made it necessary to change the structure of the pages and the content offered.

structure-620304_1280The positive part is that the legal content benefits the SEO, since the search engines consider more relevant the websites that include the necessary sections with information for the user.

In addition, the experts observe how the organic positioning returns to gain points in front of the searches of payment . One of the reasons is that the new regulations limit the access of companies to the information of users. Now it is more complicated to know what interests the consumer counting only with the SEM strategy.

If you are one of those who thought that betting on SEO no longer made sense, we hope that this article has served to take into account the new strategies of organic positioning on your website.