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Website Optimization

Also called “on-page optimization,” website optimization is the process involved in getting your website to rank within search engines by using your desired keywords and other ranking elements that are internally influenced on your web page. ATX SEO ensures optimal strategic placement of your keywords and site locations for all your web-based marketing efforts.

Below is an overview of our webpage optimization techniques:

– Meta Tag Optimization

“Meta” is a fancy word for invisible coding within your website. It includes:

– Title tags:

These are blue words that you click when clicking onto a website from search engine results lists. Your primary keywords should be included here, including locations.

– Description:

This is a 1-3 sentence summary of site content that appears within search engine results listings. Google’s automated devices like for keywords to be here.

– Keywords:

Only search engines see these. This area informs search engine robots or spiders exactly what your website is about.

On-Page Optimization

This term simply denotes the process of getting your website to rank in Yahoo!, Bing, and Google by inserting your keywords and locations in the sections of your site that you can actually see without having to look at the site’s code.

Header Tags

Also called “H” tags, these are highly visible to site visitors. As a result, search engines assign a high priority to them. Just as chapter titles are essential in a book, header tags are vital to your search engine rankings.

Alt Text

This basic code enables search engines to be aware of what certain things are about that they could not ordinarily know on their own. Alt text may be used in links, pictures, and other site aspects.

Title Text:

This is very similar to Alt text. When site viewers hover their mouse over a picture or link, a brief text description may appear. This lets the viewer and search engines both know what the item is about. For an example, hover of this link: Integrity Marketing

Internal Link Structure

It is also a good idea to have all links within your site to have embedded links that tell search engines what each individual page is about. Instead of links that say “click here,” they should read “local SEO blog.”

Bulleted Lists

Search engines also like to see your keywords in bullet lists. This is a minor factor, but everything adds up.

Boldfaced text

Similar to bulleted lists, search engines like seeing your primary keywords highlighted in bold text.

Link Building

Also called “off-page optimization,” link-building is merely placing links onto other websites that lead back to your site. Every link counts as a sort of “vote” that lets search engines know your site is more relevant and trustworthy. Our link-building services include:

– Embedded Links

These are the best kind of links. “Embedded” means that the link itself contains keywords such as “local SEO” rather than “”

– Link Exchanges

Link exchanges exist when other sites similar to yours link to yours and vice versa. Linking with each other lets Google view both sites as more authoritative and relevant in search engines.

– Directory Listings

Local web-based directories like Hotfrog, Merchant Circle, and Yahoo Local are all online business directories. We list your firm in all these directories to help you get more backlinks from them. Every little bit helps, after all.

Google Places

Also called “Google Local Listings” or “Google Maps,” Google Places offers you a huge edge over competitors who have no local map listing. Being listed in Google Places sets you apart in search engines, lets prospective customers know you are local, and enables existing clients to read and write reviews.

Do you have a growing small business? Or do you have a sinking business that desperately needs more customers? Insufficient traffic makes it easy to become delinquent on monthly business expenses. ATX SEO is here to help! Every business owner wants to generate maximum revenue. When you own a small business, the way to build a bigger bottom line is simple. Get more customers! To get more customers, your business site must be easy to find. In the present day and age, you absolutely must have a strong online presence in Google. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 people turn to Google when looking for business services.