SEO strategies: 3 Important strategies that you are not implementing

There are many SEO Strategies to generate traffic to a website organically. Traditional SEO is losing a bit of strength to the detriment of the so-called holistic SEO. You must forget to look for an SEO positioning based on a single keyword and focus more your efforts on the so-called semantic positioning.

Importance of SEO Strategies
If you really want to be competitive in this field, you have to worry about keeping up with the constant news. With each innovation you need to incorporate new strategies in your tools so that your positioning does not diminish. In our SEO Agency we are very aware of this.

There are many strategies that are too often avoided and, although it may be understandable, surely your competition does take advantage of them. There are 3 fundamental keys to which you may not pay attention that you should:

  • Optimization of content for Google Voice and search by voice in general.
  • Content optimization for mobile devices .
  • Add written content of long format and quality in the keywords.

Website optimization for mobile devices
In the world there are more than 5 billion users of mobile devices, and in Spain 85% of the population is connected. Attending these parameters it can be concluded that having a website optimized for the use of these is not that it is highly recommended, but that it is necessary.

When analyzing a website, it is necessary to pay attention to the following elements:

Seo mobile tactical devices

It is important to avoid pop-ups, they are very annoying. It is also necessary to eliminate the flash . To navigate through smartphones fingers are used, therefore, it is recommended that you do not place buttons or other elements very close to each other.

Redirecting, large images or unnecessary codes slow down the speed. You can take advantage of browser caching to reduce loading times, since they store websites every time someone visits the site.

Local SEO
Add the location of your business in a specific URL, in which city it is, pay attention to the ALT tags and the meta elements. With all this you can take advantage of the Posum update of the most important search engine.

Any statistics that you observe will tell you that the search for the future goes through mobile devices. It is imperative to have targeted these SEO strategies. If you are interested in Seo Local, we recommend this post about What is Local SEO and how to apply it? Positioning Manual

Optimization for Google Voice
By 2020, 50% of the searches carried out will be by voice. This is very important because you need to guarantee the optimization of your website and offer adequate content so that any user can find you through voice search.

For this it is necessary that you develop more written content than before and that the way you write it is more natural and even conversational tone. When you write an entry for your blog, think about how users are going to ask the question to which you respond thanks to your content.

Google Voice SEO tactics

Add written content of long format and quality in keywords
Google has left in the hands of Artificial Intelligence the control of the process of indexing web pages. The trackers are more controlled than ever thanks to a new generation of Artificial Intelligence. If a few years ago there was no problem in massively using keywords, this is not as effective and, in reality, your page may suffer penalties.

The best way to avoid them is to pay close attention to the following parameters and customize everything for your target audience:

Attractive content
If possible, tell a personal story in your articles, develop a good relationship with readers and, in this way, get them to trust you. As a consequence they will also do so in your products or services.

Tone or style
Use the most appropriate style for your users. Present in your articles the ideas and the main points that you want to develop as clearly as possible.

Tactics seo design
Grammatical and spelling errors
Check the content several times before publishing it. These types of mistakes can reduce the trust and relationship that you have been so concerned about creating with your audience.

It is very important to do a good research on them and work with the most appropriate keywords for your type of business.

But do not forget that you do not have to prioritize keywords over good writing.